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Helpful Ribbon and Ordering resources.

Ordering Process:

 Ordering custom ribbons online is sometimes a difficult process, with many different options, styles and type changes. Using our online Awards Creator, we hope it will simplify the process for you.  Below is our online method:

  • Pick the ribbon styles you would like to purchase.  You will find below each customizable product a place to add your text and layout notes.  Press and then follow through each choice to customize the ribbon.
  • If you want a custom image for your order, you will see a place to upload that image.  For orders under 100.00 we will add a die charge to your order.  This charge will not show up in yoru shooping cart.
  • When you have completed your layout, press submit and you will be given a layout number. Copy and paste this number into the "Layout Number" field right above the add to car button. 
  • Enter your event date, or date you need the ribbons.
  • Adjust the quantity desired and then press "Add to Cart"
  • You may reuse any layout that you have made by simply entering the Layout Number again in a new product.  You may also edit any layout as needed.
  • You may contact us with your order if you would prefer,  You can email or fax your order to orders@myribbons.com or 1-801-335-0313.
  • We will get your order right into production.


Availiable ribbon colors:


This is your place to see helpful ribbon layout hints.  A couple of things that will help create a simple layout are:

  • Where you want a custom or stock graphic
  • Where you want a divider graphic iin your text
  • Where you want a house to be built


to tell us wehre you want a logo, just type :



To tell us where you want a divider, type:


The intructions box is your place to tell us what you are thinking, anything that would help us get your layout just right.  You can always edit,update and delete any layout so fell free to experiment until you get it just right.

See examples of what others have done on their custom layouts ~ coming very soon!